Classcraft 中文 版

classcraft 中文 版

網頁版或iOS版的Classcraft都能夠讓老師跟學生簡單地管理所有複雜的遊戲設定。課程可以正常教學,而遊戲只會被動地在背景執行、像是收集技能點數或是管理角色能力。 真實的冒險與獎賞 Classcraft

付費版. $120 / yr 升級 ... Leadership teams have full control and visibility over Classcraft at the school level. Discover the power of the Engagement Management System, School Climate Index, and more. School Climate Index. School Climate Index. Delve into even deeper analytics on a schoolwide level, with filtering by class, student, and teacher. View schoolwide trends and …

Classcraft supercharges your lessons by turning class into a game. Students play in teams as Warriors, Mages, and Healers, earning Experience Points for positive behavior and losing Health Points for negative behavior, which affects their whole team. By helping one another and demonstrating the 21st-century skills and behaviors you want to encourage, students “level …

今天要介紹的教學應用是Classcraft。前一陣子就已經看到相關的新聞,沒想到最近已經有開放平台,更棒的是還有中文版!所以當然要嘗鮮一下。 讓學習變成一場冒險 Classcraft的主要賣點,就是「讓學習變成一場冒險」。 每位學生都扮演一位角色,在這場冒險中可以升級,但不是靠打怪掛 …


 · Classcraft安卓版4.1.2APK免費下載。讓學習的冒險!

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classcraft 中文 版


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